Wednesday, July 10, 2013

PMML Workshop at KDD 2013 and UCSD Extension PMML Class

KDD 2013 PMML Workshop

Join us for the KDD PMML Workshop to be held in Chicago on August 11. Organized by the Data Mining Group (DMG), this workshop will feature invited talks and presentations of selected papers.

Zementis will be presenting two papers about PMML-support in R: Coding and representing data transformations and model through the pmmltransformations and pmml packages.

UCSD PMML Class (Coming this Fall)

UCSD Extension has teamed up with the San Diego Supercomputer Center Predictive Analytics Center of Excellence (PACE) and Zementis to offer a PMML class to the data mining community on October 24 and 25.

For more information about this great opportunity to learn the standard that is revolutionizing how predictive solutions are documented and deployed, refer to the UCSD Extension catalog.

Welcome to the World of Predictive Analytics!

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