Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Predictive Analytics at the Speed of Business

Decision Management Solutions/Zementis Webinar (presented, May 3rd, 2012)

Organizations are looking to maximize the value of their analytics investment. They need to accelerate the deployment process, reduce costs and get the analytic insight where they need it, when they need it. Increasingly organizations must deploy and manage many predictive models, use those models in real-time and integrate predictive analytics into a wide range of operational systems – in the cloud, on-premise, for Hadoop and in-database.

In this webinar you will learn how Decision Management and ADAPA – a proven approach and real-time infrastructure – transform passive models into operational success. This webinar is jointly presented by James Taylor, CEO of Decision Management Solutions and Dr. Alex Guazzelli, Vice President of Analytics at Zementis.

Presentation (on YouTube):

Demo (on YouTube):

Presentation and demo cover:
  • The current challenges in getting a return on your predictive analytic investment
  • The role of decision management in applying analytics when and where they are needed
  • The roles of predictive analytics and business rules technologies in decision management
  • How real-time infrastructure and rapid deployment maximizes analytic value
  • The importance of continuous monitoring and improvement in delivering ongoing results
Decision Management Solutions & Zementis are leaders in Decision Management, providing consulting services in Decision Management, business rules and predictive analytics as well as a flexible platform for deploying predictive analytics on premise, in the cloud, for Hadoop or in-database.

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