Friday, April 12, 2013

The Zementis Partnership with Infocom in Japan

It is our pleasure to announce a strategic partnership with Infocom. If you missed out on our press release, here is the headline:

Zementis and Infocom partner to deliver predictive analytic solutions in Japan.


Dedicated to the Japanese market, Infocom combines strong expertise in data mining and predictive analytics with extensive delivery and consulting capabilities.

Zementis offers software solutions that enable scalable, real-time execution of predictive analytics across a variety of platforms based on the PMML standard. These include the ADAPA Scoring Engine available for on-site deployment or in the cloud, and UPPI, the Universal PMML Plug-in for in-database scoring and Hadoop (available for IBM Netezza, Teradata/Aster, EMC Greenplum, SAP Sybase IQ as well as Hadoop and Datameer).

Infocom will market, distribute and support Zementis's predictive analytics software in Japan.

To take a look at the press release, click HERE.

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