Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Data Transformations - from R to PMML - The pmmlTransformations Package

We are very excited to announce the availability of the R pmmlTransformations package. This package allows you to export data transformations together with your model from R into a PMML file, which you can then be deployed in the Zementis ADAPA or UPPI scoring engines. Real-time or big data scoring made easy with R, PMML, and Zementis.
The pmmlTransformations package provides R users with functions that greatly enhance the available data mining capabilities and PMML support by allowing transformations to be performed on the data before it is used for modeling. The pmmlTransformations package works in tandem with the pmml package so that data pre-processing can be represented together with the model in the resulting PMML code. 
In R, this process includes three steps:
  1. With the use of the pmmlTransformations package, transform the raw input data as appropriate
  2. Use transformed and raw data as inputs to the modeling function/package (hclust, nnet, glm, ...)
  3. Output the entire solution (data pre-processing + model) in PMML using the pmml package

The pmmlTransformations package is available for download in CRAN (as well as the pmml package). Give it a try!


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